Course Outline


  • Overview of RealityCapture features and advantages
  • Understanding the photogrammetry workflow

Getting Started

  • Installing RealityCapture
  • Navigating the UI
  • Capturing photos for 3D modeling
  • Preparing images for processing

Creating 3D Models with RealityCapture

  • Importing images and data
  • Aligning and grouping images
  • Defining object scale
  • Manipulating control points
  • Defining distance constraints

Reconstructing 3D Models

  • Configuring the reconstruction settings
  • Using normal details
  • Changing the layout
  • Using selection and filtering tools
  • Texturing 3D models

Enhancing and Rendering 3D Models

  • Simplifying 3D models
  • Using reprojection and manual unwrap
  • Working with animations
  • Rendering within RealityCapture
  • Exporting 3D models in different formats
  • Uploading to Unreal Engine, Sketchfab, or Cesium ion


Summary and Next Steps


  • Experience with 3D modeling


  • Design engineers
  • Architects
  • Video game developers
  21 Hours

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