Course Outline


  • RHEL vs CentOS vs Fedora
  • Overview of RHEL features and benefits

Getting Started

  • Understanding the system requirements
  • Installing and configuring RHEL 8
  • CLI, Bash commands, and tools
  • Exploring directories and packages

Managing Users, Groups, and Permissions

  • Setting up users and groups
  • Configuring file permissions
  • Managing access control lists

Managing RHEL File Systems and Storage

  • Choosing a file system type
  • Creating and modifying file systems
  • Securing and maintaining file systems
  • Implementing Ansible playbooks
  • Understanding storage options (GSF2, Gluster, Ceph, etc.)
  • Partitioning and optimizing disks
  • Managing logical volumes

Managing Network Systems and Security

  • Monitoring security updates
  • Securing workstations and servers
  • Enhancing security using SELinux
  • Configuring networking using NetworkManager

Managing Virtualization and Cloud Deployments

  • Setting up container tools (Podman, Buildah, and Skopeo)
  • Building and running containers
  • Working with container images and pods
  • Setting up and managing virtual machines
  • Deploying RHEL images on public cloud (Microsoft Azure, AWS, and GCP)


Summary and Next Steps


  • Experience with system administration
  • Familiarity with Linux command line


  • System administrators
  • DevOps engineers
  21 Hours


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