Course Outline


API Definition

  • Definition file
  • API request


  • What is YAML
  • Rules of YAML

Overview of RESTful Services

  • Resoures
  • State transfer
  • Representation sate

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring Swagger
  • Installing and configuring Node.Js

REST Web Service Constraint Architecture

  • Using the client-server constraint
  • Working with uniform interface constraints
  • Working with the statelessness constraint
  • Using HTTP-caching
  • Enabling a layer system

REST API Designing

  • Implementing CRUD operations
  • Using Error Handling
  • Implementing operations for REST APIs
  • Handling changes in API
  • Versioning API
  • Caching API
  • Supporting pagination and partial responses

Specifications using Swagger

  • Editing documents with Swagger
  • Creating specifications in YAML format
  • Creating paths and observations
  • Adding documentation
  • Adding schemas to an OAS file
  • Using SwaggerHub

API Management

  • Creating an API management strategy
  • Managing the API life cycle
  • Generating API proxies
  • Controling the behavior of API
  • Building an API portal
  • Providing traffic management

API Security

  • Securing with tokens and JWT
  • Securing with API key and secret
  • Authorizing using OAuth2.0

Summary and Conclusion


  • A basic understanding of REST APIs
  • Experience with JSON or XML formats
  • Object-orientated programming experience


  • Back-end Developers
  14 Hours


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