Course Outline


Overview of VMware PKS Features and Architecture

  • Integration with Kubernetes (K8S)
  • The PKS API, deployment, monitoring, and self-service features

Installing PKS Components and Tools

  • Creating a centralized management VM
  • Command-line tools

Configuring NSX-T Networking

  • Network deployment topologies supported by PKS
  • Setting up NSX-T components

Deploying with Ops Manager and BOSH

  • vSphere Datastore configuration
  • Defining networks to deploy PKS Management VMs

Setting up the PKS Control Plane

  • Provisioning and managing K8S clusters with frontend API
  • Applying the NSX-T configurations

Using K8S Cluster as an Operator

  • PKS/K8S cluster deployment
  • Application deployment
  • Decommissioning K8S cluster

Integrating with VMWare Harbor

  • Harbor configurations
  • Harbor VM deployment

Maintaining and Monitoring PKS for Operators

  • Logging components
  • Infrastructure monitoring using vROps
  • Application monitoring using Wavefront


Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of Kubernetes
  • Experience with cloud computing concepts


  • System administrators
  • System engineers
  • Developers
 7 Hours

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