Course Outline


Installing and Configuring Wordpress

Overview of Wordpress Features and Design


Overview of Themes

Customizing an Existing Theme

Understanding the PHP Code Behind Wordpress

Creating a Custom Theme from Scratch

Enabling E-commerce on a Website

Managing Events (calendars, bookings, etc.)

Enhancing Content with Types and Views

Setting up Users and Collaborative Workflows

Building a Social Network

Building a Membership Site

Integrating Wordpress with Analytics, Mailing Lists, and other Marketing Tools

Deploying a Website

Optimizing for SEO

Setting up a Multi-site Website

Backing up and Restoring a Website

Maintaining and Troubleshooting a Live Website

Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with Wordpress
  • Familiarity with programming concepts
  • Basic knowledge of CSS


  • Website designers
  • Content creators with technical skills
  • Business owners with technical skills
  14 Hours


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