Quantum Computing with Cirq Framework

  21 hours

Quantum computing algorithms and related theoretical background know-how of the trainer is excellent. Especially I'd like to emphasize his ability to detect exactly when I was struggling with the material presented and he provided time&support for me to really understand the topic - that was great and very beneficial! Virtual setup with Zoom worked out very well, as well as arrangements regarding training sessions and breaks sequences. It was a lot of material/theory to cover in "only" 2 days, wo the trainer had nicely adjusted the amount according to the progress related to my understanding of the topics. Maybe planning 3 days for absolute beginners would be better to cover all the material and content outlined in the agenda. I very much liked the flexibility of the trainer to answer my specific questions to the training topics, even additionally coming back after the breaks with more explanation in case neccessary. Big thank you again for the sessions! Well done!

Giorgi Ediberidze [Quantum Computing with IBM Quantum Experience]

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