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appxmlxsdxsl Building Applications with XML, XSD and XSL 28 hours This four-day course demonstrates through hands-on exercises how to building applications with XML, XSD and XSL.
xquery XQuery 14 hours This training provides: A high-level overview and quick tour of XQuery Information to write sophisticated queries, without being bogged down by the details of types, namespaces, and schemas Advanced concepts for users who want to take advantage of modularity, namespaces, typing and schemas Guidelines for working with specific types of data, such as numbers, strings, dates, URIs and processing instructions A complete alphabetical reference to the built-in functions and types Participants will also learn about XQuery's support for filtering, sorting, and grouping data, as well as how to use FLWOR expressions, XPath, and XQuery tools for extracting and combining information. During the training they will find out how to apply all of these tools to a wide variety of data sources, and how to recombine information from multiple sources into a single final output result.
xmlfund XML Fundamentals 21 hours This course is intended for analysts, designers and administrators of systems based on XML technology. The training is an introduction to XML and its key technologies. Allows you to acquire the skills involved in creating valid XML documents, modeling the structure of an XML document (using DTP or XML Schema) and transformations of XML files to other formats (XHTML, HTML, TXT, PDF).
xmladv XML Advanced 21 hours During the training, advanced technologies will be presented XML: new standard XPath 2.0 allows identifying parts of an XML document tree XQuery language that fulfills a similar task as the SQL language for relational databases advanced XML Schema This course is for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of XML and take advantage of its advanced capabilities.
soastm Service-Oriented Architecture: Strategy, Technology and Methodology 35 hours This course is intended for Post Graduate (or equivalent) level students and will be a combination of lectures and lab sessions (theory and practice). At the end of the course the student should be able to: Knowledge and Understanding. Understand the principles and business advantage of systems developed around services. Become fully aware of the major protocols and technologies involved in the web services standard, and understand how these technologies fit together. Your knowledge will extend to leading-edge and emerging aspects of web services as well as the more established elements of the standard. Understand in depth the technology used to enable systems based on a widely used programming language to both use and provide Web Services. Intellectual Skills: Identify where the service oriented approach and in particular web services are appropriate for particular business scenarios. Consider the most effective design for a web services solution Acquire, in the future, knowledge and understanding of emerging aspects of the rapidly evolving web services standard Practical Skills: Operate with current technologies associated with Web Services that are platform neutral – XML, SOAP, WSDL Write and expose web services in a widely used programming language and write client code in that language to invoke web services.

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Building Applications with XML, XSD and XSL - DubaiMon, 2018-04-30 09:306400USD / 9000USD

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