Activiti for Process Developers

  28 hours

Activiti for Business Process Designers

  21 hours

The ability to do practical labs and the flexibility of the trainer.

marco perestrelo [Activiti for Process Developers]

Excellent ratio between learning the concepts and applying them quickly. This was appreciated by the audience, because after the overview we worked the same concepts in the labs. Very good communication skills by Antonio that kept the audience very interested.

Filipe Miranda [Activiti for Process Developers]

The practical understanding and explanation of the use of Activity (Good things vs not so good things).

i2S [Activiti for Process Developers]

I generally enjoyed the exercises.

Miguel Cunha [Activiti for Process Developers]

I generally was benefit from the trainer Knowledge communication.

Filipe Miranda [Activiti for Process Developers]

I learned the use the software confidently in just a few days. The training was adjusted to suit my purposes, which were less code-oriented and more user interface and business process focused.

Elizabeth Hostetter - accenture [Activiti for Process Developers]

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