Advanced Solr

  14 hours

Drupal and Solr

  14 hours

Solr for Developers

  21 hours

Apache Solr - Full-Text Search Server

  14 hours


  14 hours

The lectures were fine.

Christopher Sigouin [Solr for Developers]

He has patient about the questions asked by students. He has knowledge to answer the questions.

Ratnakara Pesaladinne [Apache Solr - Full-Text Search Server]

The way we did the practical exercises and understand the actual scenario.

Dhruv Prajapati [Apache Solr - Full-Text Search Server]

He is provided great example for each topic.

Onoriode Ikede [Solr for Developers]

I got an overview of Sold and resources to look for.

United States Patent & Trademark Office / USPTO [Solr for Developers]

Jose is a great person to deal with, very knowledgeable.

Keith Thoms - Shared Services Canada [Apache Solr - Full-Text Search Server]

viewer and competence of the lecturer.

Arkadiusz Dąbkowski - Agora SA [Solr for Developers]

Query exercises and the opportunity to discuss your own issues that could be solved in Solr.

- Agora SA [Solr for Developers]

Kinga Delinger []

His real like experience with the subject is amazing

SAP [Solr for Developers]

It was broad, it was precise and nicely explained

Wojciech Drzewiecki - SAP [Solr for Developers]

Industry problems and solutions. Practice knowledge.

Wojciech Walczyszyn - SAP [Solr for Developers]

Knowledgeful trainer, able to answer all of our questions, and having practical project knowledge - not only theory.

SAP [Solr for Developers]

every question we had, he explained it with great details. i also liked the facts that Fulvio gets excited when there is an interaction.

Solvinity B.V. [SolrCloud]

very to the point and hands on. No "powerpoint-training" but real scenarios and demos

Michael Sperber - WUR/ Computrain [Solr for Developers]

Other regions in the UAE