Course Outline


Solr and Open Sourced Content Management Systems

  • Processes and modules used in open sourced content management systems
  • Schema.xml and solr.config files

Solr Advanced Functionalities

  • Open interfaces and data formats
  • Scalibilty
  • XML, jSON, and HTTP
  • Real-time indexing
  • Storage

Solr and its Advanced Search Capabilities

  • Process of segregating content and users
  • Faceted and filter search that allows you to strip data as needed
  • Matching capabilities
  • Geospatial search functionalities

Preparing the Development Enviroment

  • Configuring Solr
  • Installing and configuring JDK 8
  • Creating a server file

Developing a Module

  • Creating a folder directory in SolrCloud
  • Creating and adding jSON files
  • Editing schema files
  • Creating and adding fields

Indexing Data

  • XML files
  • Adding data through the HTTP server
  • Adding data through a native client

Searching Data

  • HTTP requests
  • URL query parameters
  • High level querying (highlighting, grouping, etc.)

Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with Solr


  • Developers
  14 Hours


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