Introduction to Arch Linux for System Administrators

  14 hours

The coolest thing was that it was not the "dry" knowledge, there were only a lot of exercises and repetitions on a regular basis, and that all the questions asked during the training were answered by the instructor, which definitely facilitated the understanding of the issue.

Julia Minicka [Wstęp do systemu Linux]

The way of conducting classes

Szymon Wolny [Administracja systemu Linux]

interesting issues, nice facilitator, professional way of conducting classes

Małgorzata Konior [Administracja systemu Linux]

The most striking thing for me was the trainer's use of talking to the group in the way "Look", "Look", "Now use this command" - this is a fairly well-known and effective method of maintaining focus among listeners. In addition, extensive knowledge of the teacher. which he can convey in an accessible way.

Motorola Solutions Systems Polska Sp. z o.o [Administracja systemu Linux]

The trainer has a lot of substantive knowledge and communicates well with the audience.

Motorola Solutions Systems Polska Sp. z o.o [Administracja systemu Linux]

  [Bezpieczeństwo sieci w systemie Linux]

Pawel Siwczyk [Bezpieczeństwo sieci w systemie Linux]

The flexibility of the trainer

Dawid Rowinski - IBM Global Services Delivery Centre Polska Sp. z o.o. [UNIX/Linux Shell Scripting]

I mostly liked the explanation of fundamentals.

Desi Cozier - National Defence / Government of Canada [Linux Administration Fundamentals]


- Deloitte Digital Sp. z o.o. [Linux Command Line Basics]

The great place left to the exercises

- ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

the trainer was able to adapt his course in relation to our needs

Pascal Houyoux - ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

The number of exercises

Jos Couder - ONEM [Introduction to Linux]


- ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

many exercises

Jean-Paul Labaisse - ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

Very good training, dynamic and interactive

Agostino Candela - ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

A good refresher of my historical knowledge

- ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

availability of the trainer. The explanations are clear.

mostafa el oueriaghli - ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

the exercises

rudi bernaer - ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

The extra informations not in the official docs

Sayf Eddine HAMMEMI - SCALITY SA [Go for Systems Programming]

Go tooling

- SCALITY SA [Go for Systems Programming]

The many practical exercises

Delphine Agnello - ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

Adapting the content of workshops to the needs of students, striving to address the issue, ability to communicate information

- Powiat Lubański [Administracja systemu Linux]

Covered Linux basics which was very helpful to understand the rest of the course Good pace and good communication

Richard Copley - Egress Software Technologies [Linux System Administration]

Executing commands myself and learning what some of the Linux 'code' actually means.

Paul Tosseano - Egress Software Technologies [Linux System Administration]

Engaging exercises, perfect pace

Hannah Clough - Egress Software Technologies [Linux System Administration]

Many positives. I came to the training to get a better understanding of Unix and I certainly can go back to work with a lot more knowledge which was my main goal.

Ben Frijters - Argenta Spaarbank NV [Intermediate Unix]

Delivery and Lab

Egress Software Technologies [Linux System Administration]

There were lots of exercises, which was really good.

James Eyre - Egress Software Technologies [Linux System Administration]

There were alsways some information on the side, which is usually left (in other courses) out but nonetheless important and interesting.

Sopra Steria [Introduction to Linux]

The personal approach and the practical way of going trough the seen theory afterwards.

Jelle Vandekerckhove - Roularta Media Group [Linux Administration Fundamentals]

  [Bezpieczeństwo sieci w systemie Linux]

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