Course Outline


Overview of Arch Linux

Understanding the Difference Between Arch Linux and Other Linux Distributions

Installing Arch Linux

  • Setting the Keyboard Layout
  • Verifying Boot Mode
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Updating the System Clock
  • Partitioning the Disks
  • Formatting the Partitions
  • Mounting the File Systems
  • Selecting the Mirrors
  • Installing the Base Packages
  • Configuring the System
  • Rebooting

Overview of the Basics of System Administration in Arch Linux

Implementing Basic Configuration in Arch Linux

  • Setting the Hostname
  • Setting the Time Zone
  • Configuring the /etc/hosts File in Arch Linux

Assessing and Diagnosing Network Problems in Arch Linux

  • Using the ping Command
  • Using the traceroute Command
  • Using the mtr Command

Implementing System Diagnostics in Arch Linux

  • Checking Current Memory Usage
  • Using vmstat to Monitor I/O Usage
  • Using htop to Monitor Processes, Memory, and CPU Usage

Managing Files on a Linux System in Arch Linux

  • Uploading Files to a Remote Server
  • Protecting Files on a Remote Server
  • Implementing Symbolic Linking

Package Management in Arch Linux

  • Finding Installed Packages
  • Finding Package Names and Information

Text Manipulation in Arch Linux

  • Using grep to Search for a String in Files
  • Implementing "Search and Replace" Across a Group of Files
  • Editing Text

Setting up a Web Server

  • Choosing a Web Server
  • Resolving HTTP Issues in Arch Linux
  • Monitoring Apache Logs

Working with DNS Servers and Domain Names in Arch Linux

  • Redirecting DNS Queries with CNAMEs
  • Setting Up Subdomains

Dealing with SMTP Servers and Email Issues in Arch Linux

  • Choosing an Email Solution
  • Sending Email from Your Server

Bonus: Installing Arch Linux Using VirtualBox

Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic experience and familiarity with Linux
  14 Hours


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