Course Outline


  • 5G: bandwidth and latency game changer

5G Technology Overview

  • 5G ecosystem: network, physical infrastructure, cloud, devices, and software applications
  • Enabling IoT
  • Accelerating AI
  • Towards Digital Transformation

5G Business Models and Value Creation

  • Customer experience
  • Personalization
  • Operational efficiency
  • Use cases across industries (manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, retail, entertainment, etc.)

Vision and Strategy

  • Incremental improvement of business vs reshaping of industry
  • Broadening the perspective to include multiple industries
  • Identifying new opportunities
  • The risk of unrealized gains

Putting Together a Team

  • Bringing together the stakeholders
  • Defining organizational goals
  • Combining resources
  • Managing complexity


  • Identifying 5G service providers and their offerings
  • Preparing your network for 5G
  • Testing out 5G enabled devices
  • Collaborating with 5G operators
  • Transferring systems and services to the cloud

Launching a Collaborative 5G Project

  • Initiating a joint project with another company
  • Identifying project delivery goals
  • Co-investment, co-ordination, and control
  • Joining a project consortium

Managing Risk and Security

  • Security requirements for different stages and systems
  • Compliance and responsibility among parties
  • Holding and managing collected user data

Summary and Conclusion

  • 5G timeline and next steps


  • A general understanding of business and technology


  • Business managers and leaders
  7 Hours


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