Course Outline

What is the new era of smart technology?

  • types of smart technology,
  • technological layers of the Internet of Things,
  • Business and smart solutions - adaptation of new technologies and 5G

What are the basic concepts behind 5G and IoT?

  • electromagnetic spectrum,
  • latency,
  • eMBB,
  • mMTC,
  • uRRLC,
  • Open RAN,
  • frequency sub-ranges to be used in 5G / IoT networks,
  • fresnel zone,
  • material attenuation,
  • types of propagation environments,
  • diffraction,
  • tropospheric refraction,
  • hydrometeors

What should you know about 5G antennas?

  • various types of antennas,
  • beamforming,
  • null steering,
  • frequency reuse,
  • antennas, environment and transmission attenuation

What are the possibilities of 5G and what should you remember when thinking about IoT?

  • spectrum sharing,
  • power saving mode,
  • self healing,
  • QoS

What does the 5G architecture looks like?

  • Non-standalone 5G,
  • Dual Connectivity Concept,
  • migration from 4G,
  • 5G design principles

What is 5G virtualization and slicing for the Internet of Things?

5G (and IoT) security - what are the challenges during the implementation?

  • physical attacks,
  • DDoS,
  • Edge Attack,
  • IMSI slicing,
  • silent downgrade,
  • device tracking

What does the future of 5G look like and the adaptation of, among others AI, Metaverse, Blockchain?

Q&A session


General understanding of IoT concepts.

  14 Hours


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