Course Outline


  • The need for LPWA (Low Power Wide Area)
  • Low power consumption, deep coverage, massive connections, easy deployment, network security & reliability, lower component cost
  • NB-IoT vs LoRaWAN vs Sigfox

Overview of NB-IoT Architecture

  • Design, development, and deployment
  • Security based on LTE mobile networks

NB-IoT Ecosystem and Industry Players

  • Mobile operators, network infrastructure vendors, chipset suppliers, module vendors, systems integrators, etc.
  • Huawei, Ericsson, etc.

NB-IoT Applications

  • Smart metering, smart cities, smart buildings, consumers, agriculture and environment

Quality of Service

  • Licensed spectrum operation
  • Security and reliability

NB-IoT Security

  • User identity confidentiality, entity authentication, data integrity, and mobile device identification

NB-IoT Chips

  • LTE-M1 and NB-IoT
  • Signal processing and power efficiency
  • Huawei LiteOS for developers

NB-IoT Connectivity Modules

  • Cellular connectivity
  • Digital security

NB-IoT Network Devices

  • Efficiently locating mobile "things"

Hands-on: Developing a Smart Tracker

  •  Building a simple location-based tracker

NB-IoT Terminals

  • External NB-IoT antennas
  • Internal NB-IoT antennas

Hands-on: Expanding the Smart Tracker

  • Enabling anti-theft functionality

NB-IoT Service Management Platforms

  • Connecting, activating and managing devices securely
  • API integration with existing systems

Hands-on: Managing a Fleet of Smart Trackers

  •  Testing, deploying, and managing multiple smart trackers

Closing Remarks


  • An understanding of IoT concepts
  • Programming experience in any language
  • General understanding of software and network security concepts


  • Developers
  • Technical Managers
  7 Hours


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