Course Outline

Introduction to Impala

  • What is Impala?
  • How Impala Differs from Relational Databases
  • Limitations and Future Directions
  • Using the Impala Shell
  • The Impala Daemon, Statestore and Catalogue service

Loading Impala

  • Explore a New Impala Instance
  • Load CSV Data from Local Files
  • Point an Impala Table at Existing Data Files

Analyzing Data with Impala

  • Describe the Impala Table
  • Basic Syntax and Querying
  • Data Types
  • Filtering, Sorting, and Limiting Results
  • Joining and Grouping Data
  • Data Loading and Querying Examples
  • Improving Impala Performance
  • How Impala works with Hadoop file formats
  • Hands-On Exercise: Interactive Analysis with Impala

Programming Impala Applications

  • Overview of the Impala SQL Dialect
  • Overview of Impala Programming Interfaces

Troubleshooting Impala

  • Troubleshooting Impala SQL Syntax Issues
  • Troubleshooting I/O Capacity Problems
  • Impala Web User Interface for Debugging




  • knowledge of SQL
 21 Hours

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