Course Outline

  • Basics of IoT devices
    • Architecture of IoT system – IaaS vs PaaS based IoT system
    • Basics of “The things”, Sensors, business functions and mapping between them to build deliverable IoT data.
    • Essential components of IoT system- Hardware, Middleware, Security, Fleet manager (sensors and things manager), sensor onboarding, thing onboarding, geofencing, time series data, alert/alarm, data visualization
    • AWS PaaS functions for Middleware, Security, Fleet manager, alert/alarm etc.
    • IoT device security, why we need it?
  • Basics of IoT device communication with cloud with MQTT
    • Early history of IoT communication.
    • Basics of MQTT and why we use MQTT for IoT devices.
    • Message queue and PubSub system.
  • Connecting IoT devices to AWS with MQTT (AWS IoT Core)
    • How to configure IoT core to connect your device.
    • Onboarding and deboarding sensors
    • Onboarding and deboarding of “The things”
  • Connecting AWS IoT core with AWS Lambda function for computation and storage
    • Connect AWS Core with AWS Lambda.
    • What is AWS Lambda.
    • Collect data from AWS IoT Core with Lambda.
  • Connecting Raspberry PI with AWS IoT core and data communication
    • Code on Raspberry PI to connect with AWS IoT Core using python.
    • Send and receive data.
    • Read data from sensor and upload to MQTT.
    • Receive data from MQTT and control a sensor.
  • Alert and event capture
    • Alerts and events
    • Capturing alerts and events
    • Rule template and real-time alerts
    • Asynchronous/delayed event capture using Cloud Watch
    • Instant delivery of alert using AWS SNS
  • Sensor calibration
    • What is sensor calibration
    • Single level calibration
    • Multi-level calibration



 Currently any new IoT development must be done on PaaS (Platform as a service) IoT infrastructure. Leading PaaS IoT systems include, Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT (Amazon), Google IoT cloud and Siemens Mindsphere etc. It’s also important for the developers to know associated PaaS functions necessary to connect IoT data to another ecosystem. In this course a customer will be trained hands on with a Raspberry Pi, a multi-sensor TI sensor Tag chip (which has 10 sensors built in – motion, ambient temperature, humidity, pressure, light meter etc.). A trainee will learn basics of all IoT functions and how to implement them in AWS IoT PaaS cloud using Lambda functions.

  4 Hours


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