Course Outline


Understanding the Go Programming Language and the Go Architecture

Installing and Configuring the Go Development Environment

Review of Go Syntax

Working with Built-in Types in Go

Learning the Features of Advanced Go

Working with the Advanced Go Build Tool

Using Maps as Sets

Working with Interface Keys and Slices

Implementing Collection and Reduction

Using the Pprof Tool

Learning How to Reduce Garbage

Working with Methods and Interfaces

Mocking in Unit Tests

Using Concurrency to Keep Data Consistent

Using User-Defined Types

Optimizing Code for Speed

Using Idiomatic Go

Working with Time, Errors, Common Interfaces, and Comments

Working with and Managing Packages

Creating a Scalable Work System

Working with Databases in Go

Serving a JSON API

Testing and Building in Go

Gaining a Solid Foundation in Web Development with Go

Working with Templates for Web Development in Go

Creating Your Own Server for Web Development in Go

Understanding and Working with the net/http Package

Understanding and Working with Routing and Serving Files

Deploying Your Site

Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic programming experience in any language


  • Web Developers
  • Software Developers
  • Programmers
  • Anyone who wants to learn Go
  21 Hours


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