Course Outline


gRPC Concepts

  • Sychronous vs asynchronous
  • API surface
  • RPC Life cycle


  • gRPC API types
  • REST paradigms

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring gRPC
  • Installing and configuring Go Micro
  • Installing Docker
  • Installing Kubernetes
  • Setting up Go dependencies
  • Setting up a Go HTTP server

gRPC Streaming

  • Implementing unary API client and server
  • Implementing server streaming API client and server
  • Implementing client streaming API client and server
  • Implementing bi-directional API client and server

Go Microservices

  • JSON marshalling Go structures
  • JSON umarshalling Go structures
  • Building Docker images for Go microservices
  • Running containerized locally
  • Optimizing the Docker images

Microservice Ochrestration with Kubernetes

  • Deploying Go microservices to Kubernetes
  • Implementing descriptors
  • Scaling deployments
  • Rolling updates

gRPC Troubleshooting and Security

  • Using Error Handling
  • Tracking with deadlines
  • Creating SSL certificates for SSL encryption

Summary and Conclusion


  • Go programming experience


  • Web Developers
  14 Hours


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