Course Outline


Installing and Configuring Spinnaker

Setting up the Storage Service

Overview of Spinnaker Features and Architecture in Detail

Beyond Jenkins Advanced Software Deployment with Spinnaker

Optimizing CI/CD Management with Spinnaker

Navigating the Spinnaker Interface

Working with EKS, ECS, and ECR

Configuring a Deployment Pipeline for AWS

Configuring a Deployment Pipeline for Kubernetes

Integrating Spinnaker with CI/CD Tools

Configuring Authorization and Authentication on Spinnaker

Monitoring the Deployment Process

Integrating with Other Tools

Troubleshooting Spinnaker

Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of cloud computing
  • Experience using Kubernetes
  • Experience deploying machine learning models


  • DevOps engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Software engineers who implement machine learning
  14 Hours


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