Course Outline


Overview of Software Architecture

  • Architectural drivers
  • The need for architecting

Exploring Architecting Responsibilities

  • Responsibilities, skills, and knowledge
  • Technical leadership
  • Developer versus architect

Understanding the Process of Architecting

  • Coding, coaching, and collaboration
  • Managing technical risks
  • Analyzing and evaluating an architecture

Making Architecture Decisions in Development Teams

  • Collecting and documenting issues
  • Establishing a community of practice
  • Creating a responsibility assignment matrix

Learning About Architecture Descriptions

  • Viewpoints and frameworks
  • Description languages

Visualizing the Software Architecture

  • Communication and shared vocabulary
  • Models and diagrams
  • Architectural patterns

Documenting the Software Architecture

  • Documentation as a guidebook
  • Components

Understanding Standards, Decay, and Recovery

  • International standards
  • Solving process divergence

Getting Involved in the Delivery Process

  • Where architecture fits in the process
  • Relationship to organizational structure
  • Building agile designs

Summary and Conclusion


  • Knowledge of software design, development, or testing


  • Senior engineers
  • Junior engineers
  • Developers
  7 Hours


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