Course Outline


  • Overview of AWS Glue and its components
  • Understanding the AWS Glue components and architecture
  • AWS Glue benefits and limitations

Working with Data Catalog

  • Understanding AWS Glue crawlers and data catalog
  • Creating a database
  • Creating a table
  • Working with crawlers
  • Building custom classifiers

AWS Glue Development Endpoint

  • Using a development notebook
  • Understanding Glue context and dynamic frames
  • Creating a dynamic frame

AWS Glue Transformation

  • Applying transformation
  • Resolving a choice
  • Selecting and renaming
  • Drop fields
  • Using filter
  • Using a map
  • Joining
  • Spigot
  • Flatten JSON

Understanding the Glue Workflow

  • Working with Glue jobs
  • Working with triggers


  • Fixing script retrieving error
  • Fixing launch error
  • Fixing glue argument error
  • Fixing policy error

Summary and Next Steps


  • Understanding of ETL concepts
  • Basic knowledge of Python programming


  • Data engineers
  • Data analysts
  14 Hours

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