Course Outline


Overview of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Understanding Chatbot Architecture and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Exploring Applications for Chatbots and Chatbot Types

Understanding Customer Goals and Needs

Designing Chatbot Scripts and Flow

Building Chatbots Using Code-Based Frameworks

Exploring Existing Platforms for Building Chatbots

Setting Up a Developer Environment for Chatbots

Working with Training Data for NPL Models

Pre-Processing Incoming Data

Designing a Text Classifier Model

Working with Entities, Intents, and Contexts

Working with Server Integration and Data Syncing

Creating a Simple Text-Based Chatbot

Creating a Simple Voice-Based Chatbot

Using Speech Recognition Technology

Evaluating and Testing Chatbots


Summary and Conclusion


  • Knowledge of application development and programming languages
  • Understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) concepts


  • Developers
 14 Hours

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