Course Outline


Overview of ParlAI Features and Architecture

  • ParlAI framework
  • Key capabilities and goals
  • Core concepts (agents, messages, teachers, and worlds)

Getting Started with ParlAI for Conversational AI

  • Installation
  • Adding a simple model
  • Simple display data script
  • Validation and testing
  • Tasks
  • Agent training and evaluation
  • Interacting with models

Working with Tasks and Datasets in ParlAI

  • Adding datasets
  • Separating data into sets (train, valid, or test)
  • Using JSON instead of a text file
  • Creating and executing tasks

Exploring Worlds, Sharing, and Batching

  • The concept of Worlds
  • Agent sharing
  • Implementing batching
  • Dynamic batching

Using Torch Generator and Ranker Agents

  • Torch generator agent
  • Torch ranker agent
  • Example models
  • Creating models
  • Training and evaluating models

Adding Built-In and Custom Metrics

  • Standard metrics
  • Adding custom metrics
  • Teacher metrics
  • Agent level metrics (global and local)
  • List of metrics

Speeding up Training Runs in ParlAI

  • Setting a baseline
  • Skip generation command
  • Dynamic batching training command
  • Using FP16 and multiple GPUs
  • Background preprocessing

Exploring Other ParlAI Topics

  • Using and writing mutators
  • Running crowdsourcing tasks
  • Using existing chat services
  • Swapping out transformer subcomponents
  • Running and writing tests
  • ParlAI tips and tricks


Summary and Conclusion


  • Knowledge of Python or other programming languages
  • General understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) concepts


  • Researchers
  • Developers
  14 Hours


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