Course Outline


Overview of Financial Regulators / Regulatory Authorities / Supervisory Agencies

Overview of Relevant Legislation

Understanding the Instalment Sales Act

Understanding the Payment Services Act

Compliance Measures (AML, CFT, KYC, CDD, FATF, etc.)

Assessing Existing Policies and Procedures

Creating a Compliance Program

Implementing a Compliance Program

Enforcing Compliance within the Organization

Carrying out Compliance Training

Supervising Compliance Testing and Monitoring

Assessing Compliance Risks for New Products and Services

Recommending Risk Mitigation Strategies

Meeting Reporting Requirements

Preparing for On-site and Off-site Audits and Inspections

Handling Conflicts and Disputes

Summary and Next Steps


  • An understanding of payment service operations in Japan


  • Payment service managers
  • Persons in charge of compliance within a payment service organization
  7 Hours


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