Course Outline

1. Introduction to system monitoring and Grafana

  • Concepts of telemetry
  • Push- and pull-based telemetry
  • Sampling, data retention and downsampling
  • Grafana and datasources

2. Details of Grafana

  • Grafana installation
  • Accessing Grafana
  • Creating first dashboard
  • Dashboards, rows and panels
  • Timerange selector
  • Relative time and Time shift

3. Data sources

  • Prometheus architecture
  • Installing Prometheus
  • Accessing Prometheus web interface
  • Installing node_exporter
  • Getting metrics
  • Querying Prometheus
  • Scraping metrics to Prometheus
  • Graphite architecture
  • Installing Graphite
  • Feeding Graphite
  • Adding data sources to Grafana

4. Deep dive into Grafana panels

  • Graph
  • Singlestat
  • Gauge
  • Bargauge
  • Heatmap
  • Textpanel
  • Tablepanel
  • Dashboard list
  • Plugin panels
  • Manipulating panels

5. Annotations and alerting

  • Annotations
  • Alerts
  • Alert list panel
  • E-mail and other ways of alert notifications

6. Explore and variables

  • Explore functionality
  • Templating with variables
  • Dynamic panels based on variables

7. Loki - Grafana log aggregation system

  • Loki overview
  • Installation
  • Exploring logs

8. Grafana administration

  • Organizing Grafana
  • Migrating to MySQL
  • High Availability in Grafana
  • Running Grafana behind reverse proxy
  • Securing Grafana with SSL certificate
  • Troubleshooting Grafana


  • Basic understanding of data analytics
  • Basic Linux administration skills
  14 Hours


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