Course Outline


Overview of Cloud Pac for Data Features and Architecture

  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
  • Containers, Kubernetes, and Helm
  • Red Hat OpenShift security

Setting up Cloud Pac for Data

  • Pre-installation tasks
  • Installation
  • Post-installation tasks

Setting up a Workflows

  • Setting up roles and permissions for collaboration
  • Creating a workflow
  • Searching and requesting data

Collecting Data

  • Connecting to a data source
  • Adding data to a project

Organizing Data

  • Working with catalogs
  • Curating catalog data
  • Governing data to comply with regulations
  • Automating the discovery process

Preparing Data

  • Transforming data
  • Refining data
  • Virtualizing data

Analyzing Data

  • Analyzing data using notebooks
  • Analyzing data using other tools
  • Analyzing data automatically using AutoAI

Implementing an AI Solution

  • Building a machine learning model
  • Deploying the model
  • Validating the model
  • Monitoring the model

Integrating Cloud Data Pac with Other Services

  • Finding services in a catalog
  • Finding services outside a catalog
  • Integrating IBM Cloud Pak for Data with other applications

Administering Cloud Data Pac

  • Managing an IBM Cloud Pak for Data cluster
  • Managing an IBM Cloud Pak for Data web client
  • Uninstalling Cloud Pak for Data


Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with data processing and AI concepts


  • Data Scientists
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Developers
  • System Administrators
  14 Hours


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