Course Outline

Development environment

  • Development environment requirements
  • Xcode and the iOS SDK
  • Apple Developer registration
  • Reasons why Applications get rejected

Xcode iOS Projects

  • Human Interface Guidelines
  • Creating an iOS project
  • Running on simulator and real devices
  • Memory management
  • Strong and weak references


  • Swift programming language overview
  • Using Xcode to develop Swift applications


  • Creating Scenes
  • Implementing View Controllers

Swift Classes

  • Creating Swift classes
  • Instance variables and initialisation
  • Constructor types
  • Protocols, Hashable and Printable
  • Inheritance

Working with Graphics

  • Adding icons and images
  • Using the SpriteKit API
  • Animating sprites

User Interaction

  • Buttons and handler
  • Pan gesture recognition
  • Tap gesture recognition

Case Study

  • Develop a new application using Swift

Distributing Applications

  • Moving applications to a device for testing
  • Getting an application into AppStore
  35 Hours


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