Course Outline


  • Jenkins vs Jenkins 2

Setting up Jenkins 2

  • Installing Jenkins
  • Running Jenkins
  • Running Jenkins in Docker
  • Setting up the project folder structure

Overview of Jenkins 2 Features and Architecture

  • Project, view, queue, executor
  • Pipeline as code using new DSL (Domain Specific Language)
  • The Jenkins 2 Plugin Ecosystem

Navigating the Jenkins Interface

  • Visualize an artifact across an entire pipeline

Creating a Build, Test and Deploy Pipeline

  • Modeling the software delivery pipeline
  • Version controlling DSL code

Building and Application

  • Creating a Project
  • Creating, enabling, disabling jobs, and deleting jobs
  • Installing the build tool plug-in
  • Building, inspecting, and scheduling builds

Testing the Application

  • Installing the test tool plug-in
  • Running a unit test
  • Reviewing the results

Deploying the Application

  • Configuring a repository plug-in
  • Publishing the application
  • Reviewing the results

Collaborating with Team Members

  • Sharing Pipelines
  • Defining different pipelines for different features

Securing Jenkins

  • Enabling/disabling security
  • Overview of roles
  • Adding users

Scaling Jenkins

  • Running Jenkins as a distributed application


Summary and Conclusion


  • A general understanding of the software development cycle.
  • Experience with Jenkins.


  • Software developers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Build engineers
  • Test engineers
  14 Hours


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