Course Outline

Getting Started with KNIME

  • KNIME Analytics Platform Overview
  • Installation
  • GUI Based Programming
    • Workflows
    • Nodes
    • Importing Workflows

Data Access

  • Reading From A Text File
  • Database Access
  • External REST Services
  • Artificial Data Generation


  • Data Visualization
  • JavaScript Based Visualization
  • Data Views
  • Highlighting
  • Graphics Through R
  • ETL And Data Manipulation

Data Filtering

  • Data Aggregations
  • Concatenation And Join
  • Data Transformations
  • Workflow Clean Up
  • Datetime Manipulation
  • In-Database Processing

Data Mining

  • Process Overview
  • Training And Applying A Decision Tree
  • Scoring A Model
  • PMML
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Other Models Available


  • Overview
  • BIRT Integration
  • KNIME WebPortal



A basic aptitude for making sense out of data.

  21 Hours


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