Course Outline

  • Understanding the digital organization and your part in It
    • How digital is your organization?
    • Understanding who you are – what values drive you
    • What are the core digital skills?
    • What leadership and followership skills are required?
    • What is Digital Transformation?
      • Types of Digital Transformation
      • Types of Digital Transformation strategies
      • The Digital Transformation pyramid
  • Digital Transformation strategy and customer-centricity
    • Contextualizing ‘digital’
    • Customer-centricity
    • Components of customer experience
    • Front-stage and backstage service design (the internal vs the external “customer”)
    • Customer experience mapping
    • Empathy mapping
    • Proto-personas
  • Embracing Digital Transformation
    • Creating your Digital Transformation strategy (and/or creating a sub-strategy for your part in a bigger organizational goal)
    • Constraints, supports, opportunity spotting
    • Limits on development
  • Leading Digital Transformation
    • Understanding stakeholders
    • Digital Transformation project prioritisation
    • Digital strategy implementation planning
  28 Hours

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