Course Outline


Quick Overview of Linux

Introduction to the Linux Shell and Terminal

  • Opening the Terminal
  • Using Simple Shell Commands

Understanding the Linux Directory Structure

Understanding Hard Links and Soft Links

Creating Linux Links on the Command Line

Using Commands to Navigate the Linux File System

  • Moving Around Directories Using cd
  • Viewing Directory Contents Using ls
  • Viewing Hidden Files and Directories
  • Checking File and Directory Sizes
  • Checking File Types
  • Creating and Deleting Files and Directories
  • Implementing a Directory Loop
  • Using the touch command
  • Copying, Moving, and Renaming Files
  • Dealing with Filenames
  • Learning How to Auto-Complete Commands
  • Learning Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning How to View and Edit Files on the Linux Command Line

  • Using Gedit
  • Using Nano
  • Displaying the Command Line History
  • Using Various Commands to View Text Files
    • less
    • cat and tac
    • head and tail
    • wc

Understanding More About Commands

  • Exploring the Different Types of Commands
  • Displaying the Location of Executable Commands
  • Displaying the Help Pages
  • Displaying the Manual Pages
  • Displaying Command Descriptions

Creating Your Own Commands

  • Executing Multiple Commands
  • Using Wildcards
  • Using Aliases


Closing Remarks


  • Basic computer literacy
  7 Hours


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