Course Outline


 Module 1: Introduction to Master Data Management

  • Overview of Master Data Management
  • Benefits of Master Data Management
  • Master Data Management Architecture
  • Master Data Management Processes
  • Data Quality and Governance
  • Data Modeling and Design
  • Data Integration and Synchronization
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Master Data Management Tools
  • Master Data Management Best Practices

 Module 2: Data Governance and MDM

  • Introduction to Data Governance
  • Data Governance Best Practices
  • Data Governance Frameworks
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Stewardship
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Metadata Management
  • Master Data Management (MDM) Overview
  • MDM Architecture and Design
  • MDM Data Modeling
  • MDM Data Integration
  • MDM Data Quality
  • MDM Data Governance
  • MDM Data Security
  • MDM Data Synchronization
  • MDM Data Lifecycle Management
  • MDM Data Analytics
  • MDM Performance Tuning
  • MDM Deployment and Maintenance
  • MDM Troubleshooting and Support

 Module 3: Data Quality and MDM

  • Introduction to Data Quality and MDM
  • Data Quality and MDM Best Practices
  • Data Quality and MDM Governance
  • Data Quality and MDM Metrics
  • Data Quality and MDM Tools
  • Data Quality and MDM Processes
  • Data Quality and MDM Strategies
  • Data Quality and MDM Techniques
  • Data Quality and MDM Standards
  • Data Quality and MDM Automation

 Module 4: MDM Architecture and Design

  • Overview of MDM Architecture and Design
  • Data Modeling for MDM
  • Data Quality and Governance in MDM
  • Data Integration for MDM
  • Security and Access Control in MDM
  • Performance Tuning for MDM
  • Deployment and Maintenance of MDM
  • Troubleshooting and Best Practices for MDM
  • Advanced Topics in MDM Architecture and Design

 Module 5: MDM Implementation and Deployment

  • Overview of MDM Implementation and Deployment
  • Planning for MDM Implementation and Deployment
  • Designing the MDM Architecture
  • Configuring the MDM Environment
  • Integrating MDM with Other Systems
  • Testing and Validating the MDM Environment
  • Deploying the MDM Solution
  • Managing the MDM Environment
  • Troubleshooting MDM Issues
  • Best Practices for MDM Implementation and Deployment

 Module 6: MDM Security and Compliance

  • Overview of MDM Security and Compliance
  • Understanding MDM Security and Compliance Requirements
  • Implementing MDM Security and Compliance
  • Managing MDM Security and Compliance
  • Auditing MDM Security and Compliance
  • Best Practices for MDM Security and Compliance
  • Troubleshooting MDM Security and Compliance Issues
  • Regulatory Compliance and MDM
  • Data Privacy and MDM
  • Data Governance and MDM

 Module 7: MDM Integration and Synchronization

  • Troubleshooting MDM Integration and Synchronization Issues
  • Best Practices for MDM Integration and Synchronization
  • Automating MDM Integration and Synchronization
  • Security Considerations for MDM Integration and Synchronization
  • Performance Tuning for MDM Integration and Synchronization
  • Integrating MDM with Other Systems
  • Overview of MDM Integration and Synchronization
  • Understanding Data Synchronization
  • Configuring MDM Integration and Synchronization
  • Working with Data Synchronization Rules

 Module 8: MDM Performance Tuning and Optimization

  • Understanding Performance Tuning and Optimization Strategies
  • Analyzing Performance Bottlenecks
  • Optimizing MDM Workflows
  • Optimizing MDM Data Model
  • Optimizing MDM Matching Rules
  • Optimizing MDM Search Indexes
  • Optimizing MDM Data Quality Rules
  • Optimizing MDM Data Loads
  • Optimizing MDM Data Synchronization
  • Troubleshooting MDM Performance Issues

 Module 9: MDM Analytics and Reporting

  • Introduction to MDM Analytics and Reporting
  • Overview of MDM Reporting Tools
  • Designing MDM Reports
  • Creating Dashboards and Visualizations
  • Working with MDM Data Sources
  • Advanced MDM Reporting Techniques
  • Automating MDM Reports
  • Troubleshooting MDM Reports
  • Best Practices for MDM Analytics and Reporting
  • Security and Governance for MDM Reports

 Module 10: MDM Best Practices and Case Studies

  • Overview of MDM Best Practices
  • Data Governance Strategies for MDM
  • Data Quality Management for MDM
  • Data Integration Strategies for MDM
  • Security and Privacy Considerations for MDM
  • MDM Architecture Design Principles
  • MDM Performance Optimization Techniques
  • MDM Deployment Strategies
  • MDM Case Studies
  • MDM Metrics and KPIs
  28 Hours

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