Advanced Boot Camp for Developers Infomatica PowerCenter 9.5.1

  28 hours

Installation and Configuration of Infomatica

  7 hours

Infomatica MFT

  70 hours

Developing Applications For Linux (LFD401)

  28 hours

Infomatica Master Data Management (MDM)

  28 hours

Kubernetes for App Developers (LFD459)

  21 hours

Kubernetes Administration (LFS458)

  28 hours

Kubernetes Security Fundamentals (LFS460)

  28 hours

Fundamentals of Linux (LFS300)

  28 hours

Linux for System Administrators (LFS301)

  28 hours

Linux Security (LFS416)

  28 hours

Linux Performance Tuning (LFS426)

  28 hours

Linux for System Engineers (LFS311)

  28 hours

Linux Enterprise Automation (LFS430)

  28 hours

Open Source Virtualization (LFS462)

  28 hours

The coolest thing was that it was not the "dry" knowledge, there were only a lot of exercises and repetitions on a regular basis, and that all the questions asked during the training were answered by the instructor, which definitely facilitated the understanding of the issue.

Julia Minicka [Wstęp do systemu Linux]

The way of conducting classes

Szymon Wolny [Administracja systemu Linux]

interesting issues, nice facilitator, professional way of conducting classes

Małgorzata Konior [Administracja systemu Linux]

The most striking thing for me was the trainer's use of talking to the group in the way "Look", "Look", "Now use this command" - this is a fairly well-known and effective method of maintaining focus among listeners. In addition, extensive knowledge of the teacher. which he can convey in an accessible way.

Motorola Solutions Systems Polska Sp. z o.o [Administracja systemu Linux]

The trainer has a lot of substantive knowledge and communicates well with the audience.

Motorola Solutions Systems Polska Sp. z o.o [Administracja systemu Linux]

  [Bezpieczeństwo sieci w systemie Linux]

Pawel Siwczyk [Bezpieczeństwo sieci w systemie Linux]

The flexibility of the trainer

Dawid Rowinski - IBM Global Services Delivery Centre Polska Sp. z o.o. [UNIX/Linux Shell Scripting]

I mostly liked the explanation of fundamentals.

Desi Cozier - National Defence / Government of Canada [Linux Administration Fundamentals]


- Deloitte Digital Sp. z o.o. [Linux Command Line Basics]

The great place left to the exercises

- ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

the trainer was able to adapt his course in relation to our needs

Pascal Houyoux - ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

The number of exercises

Jos Couder - ONEM [Introduction to Linux]


- ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

many exercises

Jean-Paul Labaisse - ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

Very good training, dynamic and interactive

Agostino Candela - ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

A good refresher of my historical knowledge

- ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

availability of the trainer. The explanations are clear.

mostafa el oueriaghli - ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

the exercises

rudi bernaer - ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

The extra informations not in the official docs

Sayf Eddine HAMMEMI - SCALITY SA [Go for Systems Programming]

Go tooling

- SCALITY SA [Go for Systems Programming]

The many practical exercises

Delphine Agnello - ONEM [Introduction to Linux]

Adapting the content of workshops to the needs of students, striving to address the issue, ability to communicate information

- Powiat Lubański [Administracja systemu Linux]

Covered Linux basics which was very helpful to understand the rest of the course Good pace and good communication

Richard Copley - Egress Software Technologies [Linux System Administration]

Executing commands myself and learning what some of the Linux 'code' actually means.

Paul Tosseano - Egress Software Technologies [Linux System Administration]

Engaging exercises, perfect pace

Hannah Clough - Egress Software Technologies [Linux System Administration]

Many positives. I came to the training to get a better understanding of Unix and I certainly can go back to work with a lot more knowledge which was my main goal.

Ben Frijters - Argenta Spaarbank NV [Intermediate Unix]

Delivery and Lab

Egress Software Technologies [Linux System Administration]

There were lots of exercises, which was really good.

James Eyre - Egress Software Technologies [Linux System Administration]

There were alsways some information on the side, which is usually left (in other courses) out but nonetheless important and interesting.

Sopra Steria [Introduction to Linux]

The personal approach and the practical way of going trough the seen theory afterwards.

Jelle Vandekerckhove - Roularta Media Group [Linux Administration Fundamentals]

  [Bezpieczeństwo sieci w systemie Linux]

Other regions in the UAE