Course Outline


  • Linux system architecture
  • Distributions
  • Executing commands from the command line

Connecting to a Network

  • Making remote connections using 'ssh'
  • Downloading files
  • Transferring files using 'scp'

Working with Files and Directories

  • The structure of the file system
  • Creating and deleting files and directories
  • Copying, moving and renaming files and directories
  • Viewing file content
  • Searching for files
  • Packing and unpacking files

Editing files

  • 'nano' editor
  • vim editor
  • Editing from the command line with the 'sed' editor

Setting Permissions

  • The concept of rights and ownership
  • Viewing and verifying permissions
  • Absolute and symbolic notation
  • Changing permissions with 'chmod'
  • Changing ownership with 'chown'
  • Default values ​​of 'umask'

Managing Users

  • Creating, changing and deleting user accounts
  • Security and password policy
  • Groups
  • User privileges

Managing Processes

  • Searching for processes
  • Process states

Managing Software

  • Default and custom repositories
  • Package management ('apt', 'yum', etc.)

Deploying a Server

  • Web server
  • FTP server
  • VNC server
  • SSH authentication

Setting up a Desktop Environment

  • Gnome and KDE
  • Lightweight desktops

Advanced Command Line

  • 'bash' shell
  • Shell expansion
  • Variables
  • Stream redirection
  • Initialization files

Restarting the System

  • Controlling the startup process
  • The GRUB boot loader
  • System kernel
  • Runlevels
  • Service configuration files
  • Stopping and restarting services

System Maintenance

  • Resource monitoring (CPU, memory, disk, etc.)
  • Task management
  • System logs
  • Tuning and maintaining the Kernel
  • Managing kernel modules

Shell Scripting

  • Basics of programming in the 'bash' shell
  • Variables
  • Tests
  • Functions
  • The exit status of the script


  • Applying a systematic approach to diagnosing and correcting system failures
  • Networking tools
  • System 


  • Previous operating system administration experience is helpful but not required
  21 Hours

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