Course Outline


Fullstack Development and the MERN Stack

  • What is the MERN Stack?
  • Frontend vs backend development
  • REST vs GraphQL

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring React
  • Installing and configuring Express
  • Installing and configuring Node
  • Installing and configuring MongoDB

Frontend Development with React

  • Setting up pages and routes
  • Adding components
  • Working with React hooks

REST API Development with Node and Express

  • Implementing routing
  • Handling errors
  • Using Postman

Backend Development with MongoDB

  • Creating a schema and model
  • Adding, updating, and deleting data

Frontend to Backend

  • Sending requests to the backend
  • Creating custom hooks

Authorization and Authentication

  • Generating, storing, and managing tokens
  • Creating an authentication hook


  • Deploying with Heroku


  • Debugging and error handling

Summary and Conclusion


  • A basic understanding of JavaScript


  • Web Developers
  14 Hours


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