FARM (FastAPI, React, and MongoDB) Full Stack Development

  14 hours

MERN Fullstack Development

  14 hours

MongoDB for Analysts

  14 hours

MongoDB for Administrators

  14 hours

MongoDB Advanced Administrator

  14 hours

MongoDB for Advanced Users

  14 hours

MongoDB for Developers

  14 hours

Data Analysis with MongoDB Aggregation Framework

  14 hours

MongoDB for Python Developers

  14 hours

Building REST APIs with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB

  14 hours

Administrating Percona Server for MongoDB

  7 hours

I really liked the monitoring.

Ling Xiao [MongoDB for Administrators]

I mostly liked the good content and exercises.

Richard Smallwood [MongoDB for Administrators]

I generally was benefit from the open mind and communication.

Oleksiy Deliyev [MongoDB for Developers]

I liked the super atmosphere, working with Congo shell.

Jan Sturm [MongoDB for Developers]

The structure and pace of the class was great.

David Lacy [MongoDB for Administrators]

The depth of the Congo db training was explored from basic to advanced, I felt it was a little too much to squeeze into 2 days but I did get exposure to all aspects of Congo db.

Bay Sayarath [MongoDB for Administrators]

I liked that the course was relevant to our need.

Damon Grube [MongoDB for Administrators]

Most of the hands-on stuff was good.

Andrew Bauer [MongoDB for Administrators]

I genuinely liked that there was no pressure.

Eyal Wirsansky [MongoDB for Administrators]

I liked that the course was tailored to cover our organizations questions.

Robin Bell [MongoDB for Administrators]

The clear depth of knowledge the trainer had, which really shone when combined with his evident enthusiasm for the subject.

Joseph Brailsford [MongoDB for Administrators]

Even though I have been using MongoDB for a while, there were still some new “basic” things that Tamil taught us - as well as teaching us the advanced topics we need to move our projects forwards.

Adam McKay [MongoDB for Administrators]

I genuinely liked the explanations.

Lowe's [MongoDB for Administrators]

Adrian was knowledgeable in Linux and MongoDB. He was able to troubleshoot the labs on our computers very quickly when we had mistakes.

MInistry of Defence [MongoDB for Administrators]

It was very flexible and adapted to our expectations and skill level.

Raúl Alberto Canales Requena - Kiloo [MongoDB for Advanced Users]

Tamil was excellent at explaining even the difficult topics in a way that I understood them straight away. The presentation and delivery were both clear and methodical, and the teacher passionate about the subject.

Mark Novak - Kiloo [MongoDB for Advanced Users]

I believe in the fact: good to have more exercises than lectures.

DXC Technology via SCC [MongoDB for Administrators]

I liked the mongol / Mongol / Mongodump / Mongorestore / MongoDB.

DXC Technology via SCC [MongoDB for Administrators]

The trainer is quite knowledgeable.

Balwinder Bal - Bank of Montreal [MongoDB for Administrators]

LIttle to no breaks. At least time is not wasted on breaks.

- ST Electronics (Info-Software Systems) Pte Ltd [MongoDB for Developers]

I mostly liked the hands-on sessions.

- AVL List GmbH [MongoDB for Administrators]

Trainer was able to answer almost all questions during the training, has great subject knowledge.

- AVL List GmbH [MongoDB for Administrators]

The training itself is fully supported by the materials available, but the ability of the trainer to adapt on what customer wants to learn is really something. Kudos!.

Roi Magboo - Infomax Systems Solutions and Services Inc. [MongoDB for Administrators]

the trainer tried to listen to us and encouraged us to ask questions

- TransCore [MongoDB for Developers]

All good

SHAFI SHAIK - TransCore [MongoDB for Administrators]

Trainers patience to listen and answer our questions which is highly appreciated.

Elango Muthu - TransCore [MongoDB for Developers]

The architecture concepts and the way that using a NoSQL should be approached

- Siemens S.A. [MongoDB for Developers]

The deep dive in the technical topics.

Nuno Cruz - Siemens S.A. [MongoDB for Developers]

The technical knowledge and the fact that he approach the NoSql technology and not only MongoDB perspective.

- Siemens S.A. [MongoDB for Developers]

Helpful trainer, Good amount of training materials.

Matyas Sandor - Training360 Kft. [MongoDB for Administrators]

actual hands-on application of the theory

Intellicare [MongoDB for Administrators]

Overview. Config. Replication. Connecting to db and query.

Maybank Philippines Inc [MongoDB for Administrators]

replication, backup and recovery

Maybank Philippines Inc [MongoDB for Administrators]

It is a footstep in the right direction for me to big data environments which is the future.

Business Connexion (BCX) [MongoDB for Administrators]

Clustering and normal document creation.

Caroline Mabika - Business Connexion (BCX) [MongoDB for Administrators]

Even though the time was not enough i believe all important aspects were covered. if the course can be extended from 2 days to 3 days or 4 days that would be nice ..

suzen Makwala - Business Connexion (BCX) [MongoDB for Administrators]

The course content. It was very detailed i have to say and it was delivered very well. If we had issues the trainer fixed it on the spot.

REINO LINKS - Business Connexion (BCX) [MongoDB for Administrators]

the lab environment

Samer Roshdi - epic ltd [MongoDB for Analysts]

the training platform and functionalities as well as the Kamil way of knowledge transfer

panayiotis kakouris - epic ltd [MongoDB for Analysts]

that we had a virtual environment to work on

epic ltd [MongoDB for Analysts]

good material and a competent teacher. We learned the most important and vital parts of Mongodb during these 2 days.

IT-förvaltningen, IT-Applikation [MongoDB for Administrators]

Kamil's style. He explained the subjects very well and it was clear he knew what he was talking about. He was also very patient with all our questions.

Eduardo Carceller - Sparklight [MongoDB for Administrators]

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