Course Outline


  • What is MongoDB's Aggregation Framework?
  • Aggregation Framework vs Map-Reduce

Understanding Aggregation Concepts

  • Aggregation pipelines
  • MongoDB aggregation stages
  • Use cases and examples

Getting Started

  • Installing and configuring MongoDB
  • Exploring MongoDB Compass and Studio 3T
  • Basic CRUD operations

Aggregation Basics

  • Structure and syntax
  • Query conditions ($match)
  • Inclusion and exclusion of fields ($project)
  • Grouping documents ($group)
  • Working with arrays ($unwind)
  • $lookup and $graphLookup stages
  • Expression operators

Advanced Operations in Aggregation

  • Categorizing documents ($bucket)
  • Multi-faceted aggregations ($facet)
  • Accumulator expressions ($accumulator)
  • Writing results to a collection ($merge)

Optimizing Aggregation Pipelines

  • Projection optimization
  • Pipeline sequence optimization
  • Pipeline coalescence optimization
  • Indexes and document filters


Summary and Next Steps


  • An understanding of data analysis concepts
  • Experience with MongoDB


  • Data analysts
  • Data scientists
  14 Hours


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