Course Outline

Introduction to Odoo

  • Overview of ODOO Features and Architecture
  • Odoo Community vs Odoo Enterprise Edition vs other commercial CRM systems

Setting up Odoo

  • Installing from packages, source, and Docker
  • Configuring Odoo

Setting up Operations in Odoo

  • Purchasing in Odoo
  • Implementing Manufacturing Operations

Setting up Administrative Features in Odoo

  • Enabling Accounting and Reporting Features
  • Integrating HR Applications

Customizing Odoo

  • Creating an Odoo Module

Setting up Sales in Odoo

  • Implementing E-Commerce

Project Management in Odoo

  • Managing Workflows
  • Configuring Sequences

Maintaining Odoo

  • Upgrading Odoo
  • Backing up Odoo
  • Migrating to and from Odoo

Securing in Odoo

  • Access and authentication
  • Managing Users


Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) concepts.
  • Experience with system administration.


  • System administrators
 14 Hours

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