Course Outline


  • LDAP: What it is and what it does
  • Organization of the data in the directory
  • LDAP Data Interchange Format
  • Filters and search facilities
  • Adding, modifying and deleting objects

Installation and Configuration

  • Basic Setup and introduction to the OpenLDAP Configuration (OLC)
  • Mechanisms for data storage
  • Installation of OpenLDAP
  • Initial setup of OLC
  • Setting up TLS
  • Defining access control lists (ACL)
  • Logging System
  • High availability and data replication

Configuring applications and services

  • Configuration of NSS and PAM
  • Management of system users with OpenLDAP
  • Apache - Basic Auth configuration mechanism
  • GUI tools
    • Phpldapadmin - Installation and Configuration


Basic knowledge about Linux system

Ability to use bash shell

  7 Hours

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