Course Outline


Understanding Microservices (Micro Services) and Message Queuing

Overview of Messaging Protocols: REST, SOAP and AMQP

How RabbitMQ Implements AMQP to Enable Loose Coupling Among Services

Setting up the Development Environment

Installing and Configuring RabbitMQ

Overview of the Pika RabbitMQ Client Library for Python

Case Study: Responding to a Request for Downloading a PDF

Creating Producer and Consumer Applications in Python

Connecting to the RabbitMQ Server

Performing Common RabbitMQ Operations

Sending, Receiving and Queuing Messages

Integrating RabbitMQ into an Existing Application

Routing with Topics Exchange vs Direct Exchange

Managing the RabbitMQ Server

Monitoring the RabbitMQ Server

Troubleshooting RabbitMQ

Summary and Conclusion


  • Python programming experience


  • Developers
  • Software architects
  14 Hours


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