Course Outline


  • Standard Salesforce Quote vs Salesforce CPQ

Overview of Salesforce CPQ Architecture

Set up and Configuration

Product Selection

  • Product fields and objects

Bundling and Configuration Rules

  • Configurable Product Bundles
  • User interface and experience

Enforcing Business Logic

  • Product Features, Option Constraints, and Simple Validation and Selection Product Rules

Pricing and Discounting

  • Pricing waterfall
  • List pricing, cost plus markup pricing and block pricing
  • Contracted pricing
  • Tiered discounting

Quote Output Generation

  • Programming the values for Quote and Quote Line fields
  • Transferring quote data to the account

Price Actions

  • Events and conditions for executing Price Actions
  • Price Action sources (static values and Summary Variables)

Contracting Process

  • Contract lifecycle with amendments and renewals

Generating dynamic output documents

Troubleshooting Salesforce CPQ

Summary and Conclusion


  • Familiarity with the Salesforce Classic interface is helpful
  • Experience with Salesforce features such as creating custom fields and picklist values
 14 Hours

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