Course Outline


Installing and Configuring SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM)

  • System Requirements for Setting Up SAP PM

Overview of SAP PM Features and Architecture

  • The Plant Maintenance Functions
  • What are Technical Objects?
  • Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance
  • Levels of Maintenance Processes
  • Managing Maintenance Projects
  • The Plant Maintenance Information System

Overview of Supplementary SAP PM Functions

Utilizing and Enhancing SAP PM Side Panels

  • Working with Preconfigured Collaborative Human Interface Parts (CHIPS)
  • Accessing and Configuring other CHIPS

Creating a SAP PM Factory Calendar and Assigning Roles

  • How Do Different Plant Maintenance Units Interact?

Defining Technical Objects Using SAP PM

  • Incorporating the Organizational Structure
  • The Maintenance Planning Plant
  • Functions of Technical Objects
  • Warranties and Permits for Technical Objects

Overview of SAP PM Bills of Material and Serial Numbers

Installing Equipment and Defining Equipment Master Record

  • Choosing a Functional Location for an Equipment
  • Labeling of Functional Locations

Creating and Configuring SAP PM Work Center

Overview of SAP PM Maintenance Processes

  • The Breakdown Maintenance Process
  • The Corrective Maintenance Process

Inspecting the Technical System Using SAP PM

  • Planning and Executing the Appropriate Maintenance Process

Managing Maintenance Requests with SAP PM

  • Generating General and Breakdown Notifications
  • Planning and Scheduling a Maintenance Order
  • Administering Work Clearance
  • Withdrawing Materials for Maintenance Tasks
  • Confirming the Completion of Maintenance Requests

Overview of Mobile and Workflow Scenarios in SAP PM

  • Procuring External Services

Performing SAP PM Refurbishing Processes

  • Managing Repair Orders

Overview of SAP PM Preventive Maintenance

  • The Preventive Maintenance Task List
  • Implementing the Preventive Maintenance Process

Reporting Maintenance Planning and Other SAP PM Operations

  • Document Level v.s. Logistics Information System

Transferring SAP PM Data from Reported Entries

  • The Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)

Integrating SAP PM with Other SAP ERP Central Components


Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with plant maintenance activities
  • An understanding of SAP ERP software logic and processes
  • Basic comprehension of SAP Modules
  • Knowledge of project maintenance transaction codes and terminology


  • Business Analysts
  • Plant Maintenance Consultants
  • Project Managers and Supervisors
 21 Hours

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