Course Outline


Understanding the Need to Merge Web Development and Data Science

Overview of Shiny

Overview of R

Overview of HTML

Understanding the Benefits of Using Shiny, R, and HTML Together

Installing and Setting Up the RStudio Platform

Installing the Shiny Package

Understanding and Working with the Basics of Shiny

Understanding and Working with the Basics of Reactive Programming

Creating and Running a Shiny Web Application: User Interface Component

Creating and Running a Shiny Web Application: Server Component

Creating a Plot in Shiny

Implementing Reactive Expression for Automatic Updating of Plots in Shiny

Understanding the Benefits and Implications of Reactive Plots for Data Science Applications

Customizing the Appearance of Your Apps Using Shiny's Built-In Functions

Editing the User Interface Code in R to Perform HTML Customization

Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic experience with R programming
  • Basic experience with HTML
  7 Hours


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