Course Outline


Overview of SysML V2 Features and Architecture

  • Model-based system engineering (MBSE)
  • System modeling concepts
  • SysML versus UML

Exploring Model-Based Systems Engineering

  • Model-based definition and approach
  • MBSE methodologies and challenges
  • Systems modeling language (SysML)

Learning About SysML V2 Improvements

  • Enhancements and changes
  • Adoption, visualization, and interoperability
  • APIs and services
  • Agile collaborative approach

Understanding Architecture Analysis and Design Integrated Approach (ARCADIA)

  • Architecture modeling
  • Development capabilities
  • Operational analysis and system analysis
  • Logical architecture and physical architecture
  • Using the Capella tool

Understanding Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Method (OOSEM)

  • SysML with OOSEM
  • Top-down object-oriented concepts
  • Integration with object-oriented development
  • OOSEM activities and modeling artifacts

Comparing SysML/OOSEM with Arcadia/Capella

  • Positioning
  • Methodologies
  • Language and diagrams

Modeling with SysML V2

  • Usage focused modeling
  • New model elements
  • Diagram types and functions

Performing a System Reliability Analysis

  • System dependability
  • Reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety (RAMS) Analysis
  • Reliability requirements analysis

System Modeling and Simulation

  • System structure modeling
  • Behavior modeling and integration
  • System simulation phase

Analyzing Data from Simulations

  • Results assessment and reports
  • Reliability analysis case studies (landing gear system and flight management system)
  • Large-scale systems to system of systems


Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience in systems engineering
  • A general understanding of system design and SysML


  • Project managers
  • Architects
  • System engineers
  28 Hours


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