Course Outline


Working with Data

  • Connecting data sources
  • Connecting various databases
  • Different data connection types
  • Working with multiple data sources and data blending

Visual Analytics

  • Creating basic data visualizations
  • Sorting, filtering, and organizing data
  • Using multiple measures on the same axis
  • Showing relationships between values
  • Grouping and forecasting
  • Using charts

Mapping Data

  • Geographical data mapping
  • Tableau geocoding
  • Advanced mapping and using background images

Basic Calculations and Aggregations

  • Using parameters, measures, and dimensions
  • Using sets

Using Dashboards

  • Quick filters
  • Actions
  • Parameters

Advanced Analytics

  • Advance calculations
  • Using funnel charts
  • Using control charts
  • Using Bump charts

Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

  • Using parameters, calculations, sorting, filtering, and other functions
  • Best practices when using Tableau
  • Best practices when using graphs
  • Best practices for data visualization

Summary and Next Steps


  • Data Scientist skill set (Domain: analytical techniques and methods)


  • Data scientists
  • Data analysts
  14 Hours


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