Course Outline


  • Setting up Tableau
  • Overview of Tableau Software
  • Navigating the Tableau User Interface

Connecting to your data

  • Available data connections
  • Simplifying and preparing data
  • Joining database sources
  • Inner, outer, left, and right join
  • Blending different data sources in a single worksheet

Working with Data in Tableau

  • Using multiple measures in a view
  • Showing the relationship between numerical values
  • Viewing specific values
  • Customizing your data
  • Dimension vs. Measure
  • Data types, discrete versus continuous, for measure

Creating calculations in Tableau 

  • Row-level calculations
  • Aggregate calculations
  • Arithmetic, string, and date calculations
  • Custom aggregations and calculated fields
  • Quick table calculations
  • Working with dates and times

Design Principles and how to implement them in Tableau

  • Pre-attentive attributes
  • Usage of the color
  • Choosing the right chart
  • Inclusive design

Building your first data visualization

  • Tables
  • Bar chart variations - bar chart, column chart, bullet charts, bar-in-bar
  • Stacked bars and area charts
  • Pie charts
  • Scatter Plots
  • Maps

Taking the most out of formatting

  • Labels
  • Legends
  • Tooltips
  • Highlighting data with reference lines
  • Annotations

Telling a Data Story with Dashboards

  • Dashboard framework
  • Filter actions
  • Parameters
  • Highlight actions
  • URL actions

Sharing your work with others

  • Publishing your work
  • Sharing options

Summary and Next Steps:

  • Learning about Tableau Community
  • Helpful resources for further learning



No previous experience in Tableau or BI tools is needed.

All people working in nonprofit organizations.



  21 Hours


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