Course Outline


Overview of XWiki Features and Architecture

Getting started with XWiki

  • Navigating XWiki
  • Understanding spaces and pages
  • Creating a wiki page
  • Linking to other pages


  • Co-editing a wiki page
  • Commenting and annotating a page

Managing Content

  • Version controlling content
  • Importing Office documents
  • Tracking activities

Extending XWiki

  • Understanding XWiki applications
  • Choosing an extension

Creating a Blog

  • Adding the blog extension
  • Authoring a blog
  • Interacting with visitors

Customizing XWiki

  • Customizing the look and feel of the site
  • Customizing by space and user
  • Customizing a user profile


Summary and Conclusion


  • No previous experience is needed


  • Managers
  • Members of an organizational team
  7 Hours


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