Course Outline


Overview of XWiki Features and Architecture

Setting up XWiki

  • Installation options
  • Configuring XWiki

Managing Users

  • Adding, changing, and removing users
  • Authenticating users
  • Setting up groups
  • Managing permissions

Customizing the Look and Feel

  • Customizing the logo, colors, font, etc.
  • Customizing the layout
  • Adding a skin

Extending XWiki

  • Creating a forum, calendar, FAQ page, file manager, etc.

Administering the Database

  • Running sanity checks

Securing XWiki

  • Managing root and superuser accounts
  • Handling attacks

Upgrading XWiki

  • Choosing an upgrade approach (Debian package, docker, etc.)

Backing up and Restoring XWiki

  • Backing up the database and WAR
  • Using a backup script

Running Multiple XWiki Sites

  • Setting up multi tenancy

Monitoring XWiki

  • Choosing a monitoring tool
  • Working with JMX Technology

Optimizing the Performance

  • Running XWiki in a cluster
  • Optimizing search, cache, web server, etc.


Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience working with a command line
  • A functional understanding of Java applications


  • Managers
  • Members of an organizational team
  21 Hours


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