CDP - Certificate in Data Protection

  35 hours

Introduction to Cryptography

  21 hours

GDPR Workshop

  7 hours

How to Audit GDPR Compliance

  14 hours

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and BPM (Business Process Management) training

  21 hours

GDPR Advanced

  21 hours

PECB GDPR - Certified Data Protection Officer

  35 hours

I generally enjoyed the knowledge of the trainer.

Eddyfi Technologies [GDPR Workshop]


Gideon Balasingam - Fairtrade International [GDPR Workshop]

The preparation and knowledge of the trainer.

Fairtrade International [GDPR Workshop]

The training was very informative and relevant to the realities of what we are dealing with. it was very eye-opening to understand how to deal with data of UE residents. The trainer was very informed and prepared on the subject.

Isaac Rewa - Fairtrade International [GDPR Workshop]

The variety of the information shared and the clarity to explain terms in plain English.

Arisbe Mendoza - Fairtrade International [GDPR Workshop]

Other regions in the UAE